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MA Vidyala

Tucked between mountains is the village of Dhadicha a few kms from Udaipur.

The village has about 155 houses comprising mostly of Tribals (Adivasis). The Dhadicha Primary  school has two teachers and  45 children studying in classes  I-VII. 

Their parents in almost all cases work as daily wage labor in Udaipur leaving their homes, cattle and younger kids in the care of the older siblings.

On a typical day one of the Teachers has to engage with the parents so that the children are sent to school. It is a socio economic issue.

We at MA. MY ANCHOR are working to find a solution. One of the problems being economic we are supporting by providing clothes, footwear, note books and also medical care. This motivates the parents as it helps them reduce some costs as well as promotes well being.

We also are working towards creating a community creche to be managed by village folks on a rotation basis.

It is also observed that the toilet in the school is non-functional. This also results in dropout of girls in senior classes.
I request you to join us in our endeavor in any of the following ways. We will be delighted if you can spare some time so we can arrange a visit by you. Of course  you can enjoy the environs of the Lake City also when you are here.

  • 2 pairs of school uniform for each child. - Rs. 36000/- (@ Rs. 400/- per set)
  • Footwear - Rs. 13500/- @ 300/-
  • Books - Rs.15750/- @ 350/-
  • Medical care thru Doctor visit - Rs.6000/- per month for two visits @. 2000/- per visit and conveyance @ 1000/- for 12 months
  • Preventive Medicine - Rs. 4000/- per month X 12 months
  • Seating Mats - Rs. 4500/-
  • Toilet Repair - Rs. 35000/-
  • Activity teacher @ Rs. 10000/- X12 months
  • Unused toys, old books with pictures or anything that children love to play and learn to write with. 
We request you to support the school and help the children.All donations will come under 80G certification of MA.MY Anchor Foundation.
Sushmita Shekhar


Individual Toilets

Construction of Individual toilets in rural areas is an absolute necessity. Please donate one or more toilet @ Rs 28,000/-

MA. My Anchor Foundation surveyed 5 villages under Sisarma Panchayat These villages are around 10 kms away from city of Udaipur. Among 1600 families staying in Sisarma Panchayat 70% of these come under Schedule Tribes and balance 30% of the families come under Backward class (General).

Sanitation is non existent in these villages. Women face indignity due to lack of privacy & have to go out in the open for call of nature..

We request you to donate for the construction of individual toilet facilities, around 52 families (mostly belonging to BPL categories) applied to the Foundation in the first phase.

These will be neat toilets with on site disposal system. Cost Rs 28000·
The villagers are ready to contribute 20% of the total cost for toilets.