MA.My Anchor Foundation was established in year 2003 and it focuses on woman & child, water & sanitation and integrated community welfare. The mission of the foundation is to aid in the holistic sustainable development. MA.MY Anchor has two verticals:

  • MA. My Anchor Foundation
  • MA. My Anchor Pvt. Ltd.

The organization directly undertakes development projects primarily in sectors pertaining to:

  • Sustainable Consumption
  • Conservation of environment
  • Education and Capacity building
  • Public Health
  • Heritage and
  • Empowerment of community

2. CSR Consultancy for Corporations engaging in CSR (MA. My Anchor Pvt. Ltd.)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a critical element in the global world. Corporates have understood the need for integrating their economic goals with social & environmental goals for the long term sustainability of their businesses. While we all are sensitive to nature and have good intentions in general, nonetheless the implementation of CSR plans is challenging. Identifying this need of businesses we have setup a Social Business Group which has hands on expertise and knowledge of the CSR domain.

We offer our services to make CSR meaningful and result oriented. The services include:-

  1. Setting up company's own Trust or Society
  2. Help in envisaging a suitable CSR Plan aligned to the company
  3. Identifying a suitable NGO to carry out the Project
  4. Strategizing/planning and facilitating implementation
  5. Supervising operations to realize the mission
  6. Monitoring to ensure required results 


Work Force

MA has a very dedicated team of workers who are experienced and sensitive to the needs of the changing society.

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